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Y.K.'s Mahogany 4x8 Convertible Teardrop Camper

We picked up the lumber for this camper last week at our supplier.


With our wood milling equipment, we transform the solid wood into the framing and trim pieces for the camper.


The sides and interior pieces of the camper are cut out and ready for finishing. The rear hatch is assembled and ready for finishing also.

All of the camper parts are being sprayed with the exterior and interior finishes.


We spray several coats of the finishes at our fabrication facility before everything is finally ready for assembly.


Assembly begins and the camper starts to take shape. We use premium fasteners and glues on all the parts.


It is always exciting to see a new camper being built.


All of the main parts are assembled and the screen is installed. We finish some of the interior cedar pieces with danish oil to preserve the cedar aroma inside the camper.


The aluminum trim and weather seal is applied and soon the hatch will be installed.


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