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Mahogany 4x8 Convertible Teardrop Camper

The mahogany and cedar parts are milled and ready for finishing.


This camper will feature a new award winning exterior finish from General Finishes.


The combination of these 2 woods is going to make a beautiful camper.

On this camper, we are using some new methods to assemble the camper body which will hide some of the fasteners used on the sides and trim.


This camper will include the removable A/C access panel and plug in case someone wants to add the A/C option.


The screen is installed and ready for trim. The screen we use is heavy duty pet screen. It is much stronger than conventional screen used on your home windows.

The new screen trim we are now using is aluminum with a neoprene weather seal strip.


This new trim will add some cost to future campers but we feel it will add to the quality of our product.


The doors are installed and we are using new curved fenders on this, and future campers.


The convertible top and rain caps are installed. After we road test the camper and check everything out, the camper will be ready for its new owner.

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