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We built our first teardrop camper in July of 2012. Brian has worked in construction related fields for over 20 years and has always been a true woodworker at heart. He was always on the lookout for new creative things to build. Building a teardrop trailer was always something he had wanted to do. With some money and a plan, our woodshop soon began to fill up with camper parts.




Teardrop Camper Construction
Teardrop Camper Components

Soon, our first camper was completed and we planned a trip to our local campground a week later. We loved the "upgrade" from traditional tent camping and our little camper attracted a lot of attention at the campground. Brian figured that other people might be interested in a camper like ours and he really enjoyed building it in his "woodshop". He decided to pull it to a couple of vintage car shows as our vintage style trailer seemed to be a good fit and might appeal to car enthusiasts. Again, this tiny camper attracted much attention and the camper won an award at one of the shows. 



Award-Winning Teardrop Trailer
Camping in our Teardrop Camper


We have been building teardrop campers ever since. They are truly as much fun to build as they are to use.  Every camper is unique and we learn new things every time we build a new one. Every camper is hand crafted and our attention to the details is very important to us. At this time we are not building campers for sale. In the future I may visit the idea of offering kits for sale. The kit would include all of the wood parts only. I could provide some instructions and a list of where to purchase parts needed to complete a camper. Please contact me if you think you would be interested in purchasing a wood kit. 

Award Winning Teardrop Camper Manufacturers
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