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Oak Convertible


Teardrop Camper



Oak Convertible Teardrop Trailer

This model combines all of the features of our standard model plus several other features. The stylish beauty of this oak teardrop is sure to attract lots of attention while traveling to new and exciting places.


The features we have added to this model will enhance the use of the camper and make camping experiences more enjoyable. Sleep out under the stars and off the ground in comfort. Set the teardrop up in the backyard for a unique guest room experience for visitors.


This teardrop can be pulled by almost any car or small truck, the approximate weight of the 4x8 camper is 700 lbs. As with all wood teardrop campers, we recommend storing the teardrop in a garage or other covered area when not in use. The premium finishes and materials we use on our campers will provide protection from the elements and uv rays while in use. Proper storage and care will ensure that the teardrop will give many years of use with a minimum of maintenance.



Standard Features:


  • Vintage-style “Woody" built on a new heavy duty trailer.

  • Constructed with cabinet grade plywood and all new materials.

  • Back galley with storage and meal preparation area.

  • Prefabricated doors with sliding screen window, and latches & deadbolt locks.

  • Full marine grade vinyl convertible top opens to reveal fully screened opening.

  • Aluminum trim with neoprene weather seal underneath the marine vinyl top.

  • Rubberized undercoating on the bottom of camper.

  • Residential grade one-piece vinyl floor inside camper and galley area.

  • Electrical outlets located inside and in the galley area, plug into campground power or generator.

  • Constructed with heavy duty fasteners, hardware, and glues.

  • 3 coats of heavy duty exterior conversion varnish outside, 2 coats inside.

  • 5-lug, 12" tires with new spare.

  • Now with aluminum rain caps over the doors.

  • The sleeping cabin measures 47 inches wide by 77 inches long in the 4x8 model.

  • The lower galley storage area measures 17 inches deep by 21 inches tall.






Additional Features:



  • Includes 4 stabilizer jacks installed on the trailer.

  • Futon mattress and curtains included.

  • Coat hooks and LED light inside cabin.

  • Oak trimmed electrical boxes.

  • Domestic oak plywood and solid oak framing.

  • A/C access panel built in galley of camper, A/C can be installed for an additional charge.

  • Custom black curved fenders.



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